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I help companies grow their

business on the Japanese market

(アーホルナ エーリヒ)
Founder & CEO of
Japan Business Consulting

Are you a business owner or business development representative struggling to increase sales?


I am Erich Ahorner and I help companies grow their business in Japan connecting them to the best distribution channels for their specific industry.

If you are interested in entering the Japanese market or growing your business in Japan and generating more sales click below to learn more.

With to more than 20 years of experience in Japanese language & culture, work experience in Japanese companies and also foreign enterprises & organizations directly in Japan, I have a deep gratitude towards the country and its people.

To promote mutual understanding, I therefore offer services for Japanese market entry not only for companies, but also for individuals (Entrepreneurs & Freelancers) that have recently started up their company, and would like to generate additional business opportunities in Japan.

  • M.A. of Japanese Business & International Management

  • 25 years experience with and passion for business with Japan, its language & culture

  • Working for over a decade in Japanese business environments (5 years in Japan, 6 years in Europe)

  • Strategic Purchasing & Procurement Background at a major Japanese NIKKEI company

  • Main focus on international coordination with communication flow between the U.S., Japan and Europe

  • Business fluent in Japanese, Spanish, German and English